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Sterling Silver Black Opal Pendant

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Unleash the allure of our Sterling Silver Black Opal Pendant, a masterpiece of elegance and colour. This exquisite pendant boasts a captivating twist design and features a mesmerizing black opal with a free-form oval cut. The opal's rich hues of red, blue, and green are expertly claw set, showcasing its radiant beauty.

Adding a touch of brilliance, a sparkling cubic zirconia sits delicately at the heart of the pendant, accentuating its opulent charm. The contrast of the opal's dark backdrop against the vibrant colours creates a striking and alluring effect.

As a symbol of individuality and sophistication, this pendant makes a statement on any occasion. The free-form oval cut enhances the opal's natural character, ensuring a unique piece of wearable art that looks different from every angle.

Each pendant comes with a complimentary silver-plated display chain, offering a delightful way to showcase this magnificent gem.

Note: Due to the unique nature of opals, each stone is one of a kind and may vary slightly in appearance from the image shown, making your pendant a truly unique and exclusive treasure.

- 925 Sterling Silver
- Black Opal
- Australian Opal
- Free-Form Oval-Cut
- Cubic Zirconia
- Claw set 

SKU: 11502

Item Dimensions - 22mm x 11mm
Opal Dimensions - 7mm x 3mm

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