An 18ct yellow gold pendant showcasing a 2.32ct triangular black opal with a diagonal stripe of diamonds, creating a harmonious balance of rich color and sparkling light | Fremantle Opals

18ct Yellow Gold Black Opal Pendant with Diamonds

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Golden Enigma: 18ct Yellow Gold Black Opal Pendant with Diamonds

This 18ct yellow gold pendant is a marvel of jewellery design, featuring a 2.32ct black opal that boasts a mysterious blend of verdant greens and deep azure blues. The opal's alluring colors are enhanced by the rich, warm tones of the gold, creating an eye-catching contrast that's both bold and elegant.

A band of sparkling diamonds cuts across the opal, adding a touch of luxury and a hint of brilliance that complements the stone's natural luminescence. The triangular silhouette of the opal, unique and modern, is a statement of style that will stand out in any collection.

This pendant is a celebration of the finest gifts from the earth, transformed into a piece of wearable art that will captivate and enchant for a lifetime.

Note: Given the unique nature of black opals, the colour and pattern of the opal in your pendant may have subtle variations from the one shown, ensuring that each piece is as individual as its wearer.

Comes with a free gold-plated display chain.

SKU: 20919

Carat Weight - 2.32
Item Dimensions - 27mm x 13mm
Opal Dimensions - 14mm x 11mm

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