9ct white gold ring featuring a vibrant Queensland Boulder opal with shimmering blue and green hues, surrounded by sparkling diamonds. | Fremantle Opals

9ct White Gold Queendland Boulder Opal Ring with Diamonds

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Delve into the mesmerizing depths of this 9ct white gold Queensland Boulder Opal ring. Gracing the centre is a captivating 3.17ct opal, showcasing a free-form cut that effortlessly captures the luminescent dance of blues and greens. Hugging its unique contours is a lustrous bezel setting, beautifully contrasted by the cool gleam of white gold. As a crowning touch, the opal's vibrant play of colour is accentuated by the brilliant sparkle of surrounding diamonds, adding an additional layer of luxury and refinement. This piece is not just a ring; it's a journey into the heart of Australia's natural treasures.

Note: Due to the unique nature of opals, the appearance of each stone may vary slightly from the image shown. 

- 9ct White Gold
- Boulder Opal
- Australian Opal
- Free-Form Cut
- Diamonds
- Bezel Set

SKU: 20907

Carat Weight - 3.17
Ring Size - N
Item Dimensions - 14mm x 11mm
Opal Dimensions - 13mm x 8mm

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