A 14ct white gold pendant showcasing a 3.78ct boulder opal with a vivid play-of-color in green and blue hues, accented with sparkling diamonds, on a complimentary display chain. | Fremantle Opals

14ct White Gold Boulder Opal Pendant with Diamonds

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Capture the essence of natural beauty with this exquisite 14ct white gold pendant, featuring a captivating 3.78ct boulder opal. Flaunting a spectrum of vibrant greens and blues, this pendant is embellished with sparkling diamonds, accentuating the opal's natural allure. Each movement reflects light, promising a mesmerizing effect. The pendant comes with a complimentary display chain, perfect for elevating any ensemble. It's not just a piece of jewellery; it's wearable art that celebrates the unique wonders of the earth.

SKU: 19425 

Carat Weight - 3.78
Item Dimensions - 31mm x 10mm
Opal Dimensions - 19mm x 8mm

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