An exquisite 18ct yellow gold pendant with a unique, free-form solid white opal exhibiting a soft play of colors, paired with a complementary gold-plated chain. | Fremantle Opals

18ct Yellow Gold Solid White Opal Pendant

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Unveil the whimsy of our unique 18ct Yellow Gold Pendant, featuring a solid white opal of free-form shape that captures the essence of organic beauty. This iridescent gem reflects a kaleidoscope of pastel hues, reminiscent of the first light of dawn, and is cradled within a smooth, polished gold setting that complements its natural contours.

Each pendant is a testament to the opal's journey from the depths of the earth, brought to life by the skilled craftsmanship that ensures your gem is displayed in its most flattering light. The pendant comes with a complimentary gold-plated display chain, making it a ready-to-wear piece of artistry.

Whether it's a special occasion or an everyday luxury, this pendant is sure to enchant and become a beloved addition to any jewellery lover's collection.

Note: As the opal is solid and naturally formed, the colors and patterns may vary, ensuring that each pendant is a unique masterpiece.

SKU: 20292

Item Dimensions - 29mm x 17mm
Opal Dimensions - 19mm x 17mm

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