Sterling silver ring featuring a central Australian white opal encircled by sparkling cubic zirconia, showcasing unique color variations on a polished band. | Fremantle Opals

Sterling Silver White Opal Ring with Cubic Zirconia

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Indulge in the spellbinding allure of our Sterling Silver Australian White Opal Ring, gracefully framed with glittering cubic zirconia. Central to its charm is a luminous Australian white opal, emitting a kaleidoscope of colours that echo the tranquil beauty of the early morning sky.

Encircling the opal, the cubic zirconia provides a constellation of sparkle, enhancing the ring's enchanting appeal. The band's polished sterling silver exudes timeless elegance, ensuring this piece fits seamlessly into any jewellery collection.

Please note: Due to the unique nature of opals, the appearance of each stone may vary slightly from the image shown. Rest assured, every piece carries its own unique charm, making yours truly one-of-a-kind. Embrace this personal touch of iridescence and make a statement that is as distinctive as you are.

SKU: 18201

Ring Size - O 1/2
Item Dimensions - 6.5mm x 5mm
Opal Dimensions - 6.5mm x 5mm

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