A sterling silver bracelet with a series of free-form cut doublet opals in vibrant blues and greens, set in simple bezels, with a secure clasp and a polished finish. The bracelet is photographed against a white background to highlight the colorful play of light within the opals.  | Fremantle Opals

Sterling Silver Doublet Opal Bracelet

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This elegant Sterling Silver Doublet Opal Bracelet is a testament to timeless beauty and sophistication. Each opal free-form cut opal showcases a cascade of vibrant blue and green hues that dance with light. Set in high-quality sterling silver, these doublet opals emit an enchanting sparkle, complementing any wrist. With its secure clasp and polished finish, this bracelet is not only a statement piece but also a durable treasure. Perfect for adding a splash of color to your everyday wear or as a stunning accessory for special occasions. Comes with a complimentary silver-plated display chain to ensure your piece is always ready to shine.

SKU: 21662

Item Dimensions - 8mm x 19cm
Opal Dimensions - 1 @ 10mm x 5mm, 1 @ 8mm x 6mm, 1 @ 9mm x 5mm

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